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The living room is a shared space for your family and guests, we want to sharesome design tips with you when selecting the right flooring for your home.


When choosing living room flooring it is important to remember that the style of the material is going to influence the décor of the entire room. Any furnishings which you choose for the space will have to coordinate with that material in style and aesthetics in order to feel appropriate in the room.

Rustic materials such as natural hardwoods or slate tile are going to create a rugged feeling in the living room. On the other hand, softer flooring options such as carpet or cork are going to create a more modern look.


The power of color to influence the human subconscious has been well documented by psychologists.

With living room flooring, it is important to choose colors that create a sense of comfort. You want to try and stay away from extreme hues that may be irritating over long-term exposure. Instead strive for gentle, moderate colors that are easy on the eyes.

Browns, tans, grays and amber hues all evoke a sense of security and hearth which can be particularly pleasing in a living room flooring installation.

White and off-white tiles will create a sense of space. Darker colors and multi-colors can help to center a large area but may seem busy if your living room is particularly tiny.

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The way your flooring feels is going to be an important part of the ambiance of the entire space. Traditionally living room flooring has tended to be soft with materials such as carpet and cork being very popular.

In modern designs, many living rooms will feature hard surface materials such as natural stone, brick, or concrete. This is often contrasted with the use of throw rugs and area rugs which can break the austere surface of rougher underfoot materials.


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