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Families often spend more time in the kitchen than they do in any other room of the home. So it makes sense to consider the style, maintenance, and colour of your floors


The flooring you choose for your kitchen should complement your units and worktop, so either go for a coordinating look with a material that matches your worktop, or create contrast.

To coordinate, go for materials in the same finish (matt or gloss) and match the colours as closely as possible. Choose a material that can be used for both worktops and floors, or match, say, a walnut floor to a rich brown stone or composite worktop.

For contrast, choose different finishes in the same colour or different colours in the same finish. Team a pale matt worktop with dark matt flooring, for example. You could even contrast both, such as a matt slate floor with a polished white granite worktop.

Whatever you choose, bear in mind that kitchens are a long-term investment so make sure you won’t tire of the finishes or colours that you choose.


Some flooring needs regular resealing and treating with specialist products. It’s a good idea to consider whether you’ll have time to maintain your kitchen floor or whether you’d prefer an easy-care material that you can sweep, mop and then forget about.

Don’t be afraid to mix up materials in an open plan kitchen space. You could use durable, easy-clean flooring in cooking zones and softer vinyl, laminate or wood in living and dining spaces.

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Colour Balance

Balance and contrast the colors of your cabinets, flooring and counters in the kitchen for a harmonious design. Two of three of these components should have the same tone or accent color. Dark, glazed kitchen cabinets with a light-colored countertop need a dark-colored floor for balance or a medium-toned floor that has a dark grain to match the cabinet glaze.This helps ground the design and keeps it from getting top heavy. If the cabinets and countertop have lighter tones instead, include a darker-colored floor that has the same tone as the other areas to counter and balance the rest of the design.

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