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You shouldn’t have to close the door to your bathroom

We believe that the bathroom can be the cornerstone to your home, so you should consider these important factors before selecting your flooring and tile.


Bathroom remodeling can be fun and highly rewarding, but there will be many decisions regarding function, style, and practicality.
One of the most important decisions you’ll face is choosing the basis of the space: the flooring. The material you choose will become a major focal point of your bathroom, and will undoubtedly see the most use.


More than any other room in the house, in the bathroom the floor needs to be able to withstand an abundance of moisture. You’ll need to anticipate the potential for more than an occasional drip here or there when considering the type of material you lay — overflowing toilets or children splashing in a full tub will quickly deteriorate flooring such as laminate or wood, which will absorb water, causing it to bubble and swell.

The only way to repair these types of flooring is to remove them completely, so it’s wise to invest in a water proof material such as stone, tile, or vinyl. A waterproof material will save you headaches, and a good quality material can add substantial value to your home.

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Separate from water resistance, the durability of your floor will make the difference in whether or not your bathroom will stand the test of time. Cork tiles or linoleum flooring are not made to last indefinitely, and will show wear sooner than other, tougher materials, especially in heavily trafficked areas.

Any type of abrasive items or materials —cleaning agents, high heels, or other sharp objects can wear through the protective finish, or cut straight through, leaving you with a floor that is scratched, dull, or no longer impervious to water. On the other hand, if you go with a tile or concrete, while decidedly tougher to damage, they can chip or crack if objects fall on to the floor, leaving you with an unsafe floor, that will require costly repair.

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